Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Haven't been posting here as I have nothing to say. I am spending over 100hrs at work and this coming fortnight is the same. This had me in tears on Sunday as everyone seems to have a life except me. All I do it pay bills. Before you tell me to say no to overtime, 95% of my overtime is pre-rostered. This fortnight has 96 hrs before my additional 4.
Well David took pity on my & left his friends to take me for a Beer. I also had a lovely Guinness stew but I feel like a family member took my out of the institution for a nice few hours out. Delightful but no escape from the "school"

Only news was Shane wandered down after work to Picton to essentially just say hi. :-) mind you, he also wanted my old iPad. I do hope he honours the agreement, or David will never forgive me.

Biggest news! Today energy Australia refunded my miss-payments so I could pay $530 on the $942 outstanding. Huzzah!! Back on track. Still behind, but maybe we can negotiate again a payment plan. A huge relief to be over halfway.

That's it really, if I am quiet, it's probably cause I am working as always.

Newtown pics when on computer.

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