Sleep horses, flying ladies and lost kids

I got home at the usual time on thursday and aside from nearly missing the train that connects as the guard at Tempe delayed the train and the timetable is not working.. It was an uneventful night. So I snuggled into the bed that David had kept warm and fell asleep. I didn't wake at my usual time, I slept through to almost 1600! Oops well I must have needed it. I did actually sleep well too. :-)

Managed to get showered and dressed in time to get to the PO and very soon afterwards David returned home.

I was scanning in the lost films from Wednesday afternoon and was reasonably happy with the result. (C-22 doesn't develop well in b&w and is erased totally in C-41 chemicals so I work with what I have)

In squirrel news this blog of the levitating lady is so totally awesome Walking on air
And I insist that you got and look at her work she sometimes had to do a shot over 300 times before the frame she wants is captured!! Exhausted just reading that.

Lost children on UK Ilford FP3

Horse on Mystery Kodacolor-X

Weather not as freezing as yesterday. Thankfully. The trip to the cafe was not like the day before when it seemed you were travelling in a wind storm. Brr

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