ah.. Beer, food, music and friends

Climbing out of the months long dark space. :-) yay! I hate being a miserable shit.

Jane and Bob drove down to Picton for a night of Beer and music. We even had dinner and it was fantastic. The chef on last night was great. The chicken was yummy and the salad even better. Ahh local Brew as good as always

We settled in for a night of impromptu music and they didn't disappoint.

I ran out of film. :-( I have no spare Polaroid pack film either. RATS!!! I also need more 3200 film for the Canon. I may do digital next week. Still, film was fun.

The mysterious Jane At George IV

Band collective

Band collective

Grisly turned up. A founding member of the band

Singer & guitar player

THanks Jane and Bob. :-) Needed it.


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