Thursday, July 28, 2011

if you look up, there is a top and a way out, if you can reach it

thought I was already at the bottom, but my mind snapped as David was sorting papers. Without realising, he crossed a line & I snapped.

We established a new balance, I need to give up a lot of autonomy... I know it needed but I hate it. You would think a child of finance experts would be able to manage esp at my age. :-(

Evening off what to do ....

Well least I have his support and he will help. Its hopefully temporary.

The lovely Connie has flown the coup.. :-( David and I dropped her at the airport. I found a way out of my hole when an old man called out to me about my Box Brownie. The story is on my photography/camera blog
Well it made me smile and the man went away happy.

The sky was lovely.

Cloud porn

Connie's plane to Cairns

Central in afternoon peak

Wild weather

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