Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th (Which is July 3 in the US)

It was a real struggle to get out of bed at 4am. Having gotten home the previous night at 2300, I barely had any sleep as it was not my natural sleeping time.

But I did it.

David had met a German tourist on the steps of Town hall yesterday and waited until I was a work to tell me.. LOL But the tourist and us were taking a risk, agreed ti go on a trip together but at 6am we were in Kings-X waiting for her. I was certainly she wouldn't show, but yes she did. A thin blonde lady, with a smile from ear to ear. Bright and chirpy too for 6am.. hmmm....
She introduced herself as Connie.

We chatted on the way to Manly, she was asking questions about where we were etc etc. Pulled up at North head, passing an old car...(as in 1920/30s) we unpacked and then Crouchy pulled up. :-) Knew he would be there.

I buggered up Bottlebrush and Banksia as I am not fully operating and a certainly hanging for my bed. But David corrected me. Cool.

We settle into our usual places and waited. Sunrise was spectacular, Connie and David went to the other lookout to photograph the sunrise and I stayed with Crouchy.

Sydney Morning Photo 4Th July 2011

Sydney Morning Photo 4Th July 2011

There were lots of Whales going North to south and a pod was quite cose in but I had no luck shooting them. So many whales.

HMNZS Endeavour

We saw the US/Canadian Ships off the coast but the HMNZS Endeavour and the The HMAS Newcastle were in a berth. As we watched the Endeavour turn Bradley's head we heard HMNZS Endeavour trying to muscle the MV Freshwater out of the way. I delighted in the Freshwater's response. A polite, we will be clear of the channel and out of your way shortly. lol.. Ferries has right of way in the harbour. Even if you are a 7,300 tonnes oiler from the New Zealand Navy. We all had hysterics.

HMNZS Endeavour

When HMNZS Endeavour got into the Middle harbour dock she was turning into, the MV Resolve came in. She was going to Gore Bay from Geelong.

MV Resolve

At this point David points out that my camera is stuck on AV mode and my ISO is 3200 AARGGHHH

HMCS Ottawa was next in

HMCS Ottawa

Followed by the understated Yanks in USS Fitzgerald Both the USS Fitzgerald and the USS McCampbell had flags soo big that the ships listed to the flag side.

Ahoy there Yanks.

Canada, New Zealand & Australia all have normal sized flag on the stern but the Yanks but a building sized flag on the mast.. geez.

Still Connie was thrilled at seeing them arrive and I was extremely happy that the weather held for the arrivals.

Packed up and headed from breakfast. After a fabulous meal, we took Connie to Manly sea side beach where she couldn't believe the sand and delighted in the water. It was such fun to see. Yes we have the best sand in the world and we even export it to the US.. hahahaha its true!!

Dragging her away from the beach we showed her the harbour beach. Not so impressive. But she can return as she now knows that you can walk from the ferry to the beach easily and there is a hostel nearby.

A Shirt trip to coles turned into a show of what is available and she was telling us that there is so much variety here. He shops at home had only a few choices not as many as here. We discussed different vegetables and fruits. Never has shopping been so interesting.

Back in the car and we headed south with the view of showing her Wollongong. We made a detour to Kurnell as she expressed an interest in the historical places, and it was here that the weather turned nasty. Truncated that tour and headed south.

We decided to go via the Royal National Park and we stopped at the waterfall where we has great fun. Connie set up photos to freak her mother out. :-)

Farther along the road we were thrilled to spot a Lyrebird run across the road. Such a rare delight, and the next few corners brought us a Kookaburra on a sign. This is a lucky tourist indeed. Koen didn't get so many rare animals. (He did see a thorny devil though)

It is now late afternoon, and I needed to be home. A stop at Bald hill then Connie found herself at my house of mess. She fell in love with Optimus and was happy to hold Sid and Eve.
It was after 7pm when David took her home. Of she is as tired as me then I have sympathy.

A delight to meet her and I hope she pops in again. Wells he has people she can ring in an emergency in Australia if she needs to.

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