actually had days off

Karen's Birthday was at Tradies.
I was invited but they were surpirsed when I turned up. Odd. And way to go making ppl feel welcome. Still Not Karen's fault.
Everyone went to order food and poor stu copped a summary of the worst 7weeks i have had in years. Poor guy. We switched to photography as a safe subject.

I had a 1980s polaroid with me filled with first flush film fromt he impossible project. First flush is experimental and has some faults. Makes for interesting shots though..

Trouble it, its getting worse in the pack so the last image will probably be wasted.

Had two days off. In these two day work has rung every day. Bummed really as I need sleep but i need the overtime.

Tonight is the start of two shifts, one off, three on, two off.. Odd rostering.

Well I was 'paid ' on friday. I have bought nothing but I did eftpos a $4 coffee (no cash) I have $7 in my account. Makes me wonder why go to work when I get the same on leave as I did last fortnight.



  1. Everyone was surprised, because last I had heard everyone was working that night. I didn't find out you were coming til later that afternoon. I told the parents when I got home.


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