Thursday, August 18, 2011

Days off

I have had a few days off. **SHOCK** I know. I have spent the time in the sofa just mellowing. I have also slept for ages.
I did get called into work on Tuesday and had to work 12hrs against my better judgement and I got into a scrap with Operations. BUT This time I got an apology. Ok. This Ops controller is big enough to admit a mistake. I like them but still a little unsure.
I was grateful to get home but only slept 2hrs. By the time I returned to work I was a wreck. Luckily I was spare. Small mercies.

Today was quietly spent sleeping and chatting to friends. I had planned to spool a 124 camera but I cant find the dark bag. :-( Shame as I would love to get the old N03 working again. Such a lovely camera. My only other option is cut come of the back off and make it a sheet film camera. Not going to happen.

Getting film for my No3 Brownie (theory works for 120 in a 116 camera)

Back to work tomorrow. :-( Longest days off in a row in 2 days of which I works the first 6hrs. Sigh.. Bring on the second week of september.

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