I have a cold..

Bummer. Developed on my one day off (hahahah) and has gotten worse. Can't go near people, but not sick enough to stay home from work. Am on Lemsip and lotsa tissues..

Today Rhonda reminded me that I promised to pick up the orphan snakes. I was getting 2 coastals and a Jungle but someone else claimed the little jungle. Grump.

Rhonda showed me her collection and we chatted most of the day. David and I popped in at my mother's place where I store three extra Snake cages. Had to see the neighbour for access as mother was not home, and we got stuck helping the lady do her census as the census guy refused to give her a form to fill in and left her with the internet code. She had no idea what to do or how to access the website. YAY. So I sat down with her and filled it in for her. Who give an old lady internet surveys. Seriously. I aksed why she didn't insist on the paper version and she told me the guy refused stating he did not want to return. Bloody hell. He gets paid to pick these up, and no everyone can use the internet easily.

Yay Census night tonight. I love stats so by extension I love the census #census #australia #statistics #information

The two coastals seem ok. Both are used to living together so I am relocating Jane to a smaller cage and a warmer one where she will be happier and the two snakes can live together in Jane's old cage.

It will be a rush to get to work on time. :-( I shoud be off sick. Ugh...

Menangle General store no longer does hot food :-( and Menangle RD will soon be 80 zone for the whole distance. Bummer.

One of the rescued snakes


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