Time for an update, been quiet due to heaps of crap happening in and around me. Mostly work caused but on whole I have have had more sleep days this fortnight than previous fortnights.

Scanned negatives, I have shown you the positives but as they were underexposed, I saved the negatives of the Polaroid film and when they dried, I scanned them and reversed them. They worked out better that the positives.

Carmody Band

David attempted to get my large credit card covered by a fixed interest loan and GE finance were happy to do that until they realized that the cars were NOT included as security. At no time did I mention my car. They ASSUMED that they could use the cars. They then asked for all sorts of personal records that, again were not relevant and then after us chasing them for 5 days ( they advertised a 60 minute response) they finally refused the loan. Now prior to this, they had approved the loan and now they are taking it back. Pft. And only once did they ring us, we chased them the whole time.
Soooooooo I am still paying 21% and thanks for nothing GE Finance and your lying advertising and hopeless customer service

Went to visit Ben and Katherine on my PJ day. 2-3 hrs sleep and I was hoping to get to Tim's place to see my babies but it got too late.
Katherine was looking well all things considering.
Ben was just out of hospital, his back making his legs not work :-( poor bastard is basically a cripple.

Got a penalty notice for an unpaid toll, ok fine. Went to get it paid but the penalty notice number is missing. So I rang the state debt recover office. They told me to wait for the reminder notice. Um.... Huh? Since when do governments not want their taxes???? Nuts, really stupid.

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Went back to the Carmody Band practice, they are sorta used to me but one lady took exception to D using his iPhone all the time and got snippy. Seriously, you are in a public bar. You are taking space in a public place and if people want to use their phones then it's not for you to judge, if they pay to see your band and spend the whole time on the phone, then again it's not your business. Sigh. People are too precious. Shame as otherwise they are lovely, reasonable people. Mind you, with that attitude, I don't think I will be returning as i had planned, I think the poem she wrote that night was just plain nasty.

There is always one in a crowd eh?

Work is currently Arvo shift. I had an emergency situation that required 4 signalers and I ended up doing unpaid overtime for which I am quite shitty as I am a wages person, I get paid by the hour. There will be a fall out and bring on the supervisors I say. The sooner the better

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