Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2 surpirse

People who know my past, know my old job as flying instructor.. they also know my love/hate relationship with small planes.

We hussled out of Batesman Bay early am and drove to Merimbula. David has a suprise awaiting me but first a quick stop at Burrewarra Point Lighthouse

I took too long there, and poor David got caught in road works all the way from Moruya to Narooma. Poor David. Every few KMs there was a hold up.   Arrival at Merimbula airport sorta gave the game away. David's big surprise was a flight to Gabo Island. ....Hmmm After my reaction to a flight in the Foxbat with Tim a few months ago, meant I was not sure of my ability to do this flight.
Luckily it was in a cessna 172RG and this was an aircraft I knew well. I sat in the back even though I had an offer of flight. Having an insure pilot is not someone who should be upfront. The back worked for me and we had a very long 4hr flight including a landing at Gabo Island for a lighthouse tour. I was rather relieved that I was calm in the flight and it means I am a  snob in aviation. I cant fly ultralights.
Landing on Gabo made me wishign I was in the front, I woudl have loved to land there myself. It is a great Island and such a shame we were not staying there (Booked out until April next year) oh to be in an Island alone. How refreshing. David had tried but no cancellations so no stay. As we were late on arrival at the airport, we missed out in the lunch under the Cessna wing but that was OK.

Motague Island & Lighthouse

Seals at Gabo Island

Green Cape Lighthouse
Arrival back at the airport and David took my to Green Cape lighthouse by car. It certainly is remote and again the lighthouse cottage was booked out. :-( Oh well. 

Sorry Its Sideways. Will Fix later.
Sunset around Eden and then off to find a bed for the night.
The night was spent at the Hill Crest Hotel which was simple but had a kick arse view of Merimbula. A perfect day. xoxox

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