Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 3 driving...

Morning Merimbula #sunrise #iloveaustralia #nsw #ocean #cloudporn we woke up for the sunrise in Merimbula. totally worth it but we both huddled back into bed soon after. More sleep...... A pleasant breakfast at the icecream shop. They made a great coffee and pancake. Mine was a japanese vegetable one with Kewki mayo. I had never tried this sort of Mayo before. Simply delicious. A short stop in Bega, but the cheese tours are no more. All there is now is a craft shop and a cheese shop. Alas there is nothing unique that you cant buy in Coles or Woolworths so we continued on. Back in my day, you could tour the factory. OH&S ruins everything David was going to go to Bermagui but due to the incoming clouds, we took the snowy mountains highway. It was a scene of carnage out on the highways, lots of dead native animals. Interestingly, there is an uncouple/ couple bay at the top and bottom of the highway climb. its so steep that B doubles must do two trips to get their loads up. A side trip to Bombala, the end of the Bombala line was taken. Closed 1986, this station is very pretty and mostly intact. Funny street names the bank was on Caveat street... lol Bombala station Lunch was at the RSL, average at a generous scoring of the steak. Shame. It was an otherwise very friendly place to go. Returning to the main line, we stopped in Nimmitabel. This station opened with a different spelling in 20 April 1912 and closed at the same time at Bombala. . This station is not well preserved and cows have torn up the platform. Nimmitabel station Again a lovely part of the world. Our next stop was Cooma station. Cooma station This is in use by the local preservation society. Its a hugely impressive station for what is essentially a country Town (Abiet not a small one) A maccas ice-cream and David drove to his sister's place Lots of cans of Vodka and I was asleep until the goat woke me up.

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  1. I love love love Kewpie mayonnaise ... evil stuff... could just eat the stuff plain hehe :)


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