Day 4 and 5 Canberra Zoo, river island and morons

for David's last big surprise, he took me to the Canberra Zoo. Aw. I love to shoot animals, it allows me to use shallow DOF and I do enjoy getting close details of the animals. Especially of animals I don't see usually in Australia. This means of course I an not likely to shoot Kangaroos.. etc etc. Canberra zoo has a huge flaw. Big black mesh cages. It makes it very difficult to get good photos. I should have stuck on my long lens and be done with it. I ended up borrowing David's 100mm macro. Photos when I process them. Nothing on the iphone worked out. Don't you wanna rub it's tummy? #zoo #cat #neko #leopard From the zoo, David met up with a friend of his, also named David. We has a great lunch at the O'neil's hotel in Dickson. A beer went down rather well as well. At O'Neill's Irish Pub At the spur of the moment, David invited David to come with us to River Island. He drives a starlet and the poor thing did surprisingly well on the crappy roads to RI. Katina hit him up for $28.. ouch. It would not be such a money grab if the $28 paid for a 24hr period, but it is 3pm to 10am with no exceptions. ugh. David and I hit the spa but the other David chose to stay in the cabin. I went to bed early as I was cold, and I was woken up this morning by the plumber making a heck of a noise next door. Damn him. We scrounged around for breakfast food and played a round of Petanque. Both Davids seems to have fun with that. A great game. David dropped me at Picton Tyre and Mechanical where my car was waiting with new shoes. yay!!! Of course I was not alive enough on Monday to get them to actually service the car. **D'oh** Dinner with the buffs in Gymea was ok and I was happy to see Druey there. All went well until one of the chauvinists took it a little too far. I was quite upset that the 1940s were still going strong and as he was attempting to be a bully I just walked out. I am not going to go back to those nights. I should have gone to me herp meeting where people are normal and lead normal lives and not in a lonely fantasy world. This bully has essentially ruined a break away with my husband and I headed for work an hour early just to be away from ignorance and stupidity. All had opinions on various aspects of my work even though I am the only person qualified. Huh. Armchair experts and they know little about anything. I was extremely angry. Two days of overtime one day off and then 4 night shifts. Oh goody. How much do I want to be on a remote island right now. :-(


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