Wednesday, September 28, 2011

had a few hours to kill

I woke up early but David had left 30 minutes before his departure time. This is an unheard of event and requires noting down. I was disappointed to have missed him. At least all is work will be done in Canberra without rushing.

SOOO I now had a day to kill... It was a bright sunny day and I had a camera to trial.
I headed to Bargo with the idea of shooting the double bridge there over the river, but I overshot. I headed towards Bargo and saw the sign for the Wirrimbirra Wildlife sanctuary. I noticed the free entry sign... of course the entrance is hidden and on a 100KM/hr zone so it was an almost sliding turn to make the gate.

OK the wildlife park is a small walking path with roos and wallabies. A few emus and heaps of birds. You are asked to make a gold coin donation, so I scrabbled for some money. I wandered the small park shooting the roos and wallabies. This camera has the best viewfinder. Its like looking at a very small TV,.
Roos at wirribirra sanctuary

only stayed an hour or two but I felt refreshed and renewed.

Returned home and washed the sheets. I need to get bleach... (mental note there)

I napped and got up to see the sun rise

Sunset in Picton

Which was lovely.
Now off to work.. SIGH way to ruin the calm I had received. oh well will pay a few bills... I am hanging to sleep in on Saturday. I actually getr 1.5 days off. a miracle.

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