have been at a loss

of what to type. I have often opened this blog to type but its more of the same.. Trying to think of new things. THe main issue of being a shift wokrer is that you have so little time off.

Have had a few hours a day to actually turn on the TV. Yes, really. I have mostly been watching Time team and Serial Killer Sunday.

Shane was going to come over for a week starting next week but due to his now broken rear diff, he has cancelled. A bummer because both David and I have worked our rosters to have the week off. Now we are at a loss. Probably still go to RI as we are poor..

David managed to dig me out of a high interest debt. A huge thank you to my beloved husband. xoxoxoxox

I have been doing mostly Iphoneography as it is the camera that is always with me.

Spring has arrived in Australia

Spring Flowers

for the 1st day of Spring

My walk home is lined with colour


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