Saturday, September 24, 2011

the Hume was closed :-(

I stupidly agreed to a double back. The reasoning is the electricity bill with a red disconnect on the top.

Anyway left with ample time to get to work and have a coffee even before sitting down. The weather was over 30C as I entered the highway..

At douglas Park a huge traffic jam.. it stretched for Kms. It was serious enough to have me ring the Table guy. The radio said allow 30 mins extra travel time..hmm

After 2 hours, I managed to get to campbelltown. Usually a 21-30 minute drive. 2HOURS!! And now because it was after 1600hrs, I have friday afternoon traffic as well. Goodie.

Whilst I was in traffic, the southernly hit and the temperatur plummeted to 21C in less than a minute. Huge winds.  SIgh


I arrived at work over an hour late. Grr AND my mild headache had morphed to a full migraine. I was sick.

I was very fortunate that a colleague had heavy duty pain killers and alas I needed 4! It took 5 hours to feel human. The shift itself was great. Friendly people for the most part.

Home to bed. zzzz early to bed..

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