Monday, September 12, 2011

So we gained a week off together

Day one
6hrs of today was spent at the place of employement. SIgh.. I finished work, Matt gave me a lift to Glenfield so I could get home quicker. Getting my car, I got David out of bed and he came with me to drop my car at the tyre place. My car was due for new shoes months ago and a scare on the way to work had my scurrying to the tyre place. I told him I would get it after my week off.
David had planned a secret week. He was not saying and so we headed off.

We headed towards Wollongong, and as we headed down the huge hill, we saw a monsterous ship heading for Port Kembla. Immediatly the chase was on. We caught her in port at Port Kembla. We also found a new shooting spot. YAY!

Leaving Wollongong, our next stop was Gerringong and Gerowa. Both beautiful places. Some colleagues of mine commute from down here

His first major surprise was a lighthouse. He had arranged a tour of the NSW southern Lighthouses! How cool.
The first (Besides Wollongong and Kiama which we have been to many times) was Crookhaven Head Lighthouse. This little sweet lighthouse is most likely not long for this world. It was renovated a few years ago but as it is so very isolated from the township, it is vandalised very heavily. :-(

We spied a Huge bluetongue who took exception to us disturbing his snooze in the sun and vanished.
We enjoyed the spring sun watching the waves before heading south once more.

Next lighthouse he had planned was Point Perpendicular lighthouse but in some act of sillyness, access to the Lighthouse has been handed to the Department of Defence. Hmm SO we turned up and the Guard say no, the DOD has closed access to the lighthouse until at least friday. This was very disappointing. All the advertising states you can access the lighthouse and today, not even the Information shop was open. GRRR Poor D had driven al the way to  Beecroft Peninsula only to be turned away at the gate. We were handed a brochure and shooed away. Around 5 cars and a winnabago turned up seeking access as we left.

I went to Point Perpendicular and all I got was this lousy Brochure

Heading back to the main highway the scenery was at least picturesque. As Point Perpenicular was built to replace Cape St George Lighthouse, it was here David drove me too next.

This poor lighthouse was doomed from the start, It was builtthen in the wrong place and even then the builder changed the location again as trhey wanted it to be closer to the Quarry than worrying about its function as a navigational aid. It was completed in 1860. The plaque on the fence states it was demolsied after Point Perpendular was completed, but futher reading reveleaed that this building was used as target practice by the Navy. Hmmm No wonder it is a pile of rubble.  Its a sad state for any building to be in.

Lots of newly hatched Eastern Bearded Dragons. They are so cute. I nearly stepped on one the size of a locust.
We walked the 2.5KM walk to Cave Beach and returned via the Camp site. Guess which way was shorter... Sigh.. Oh well all in a day's exercise.. Cool caves on this beach but alas heaps of bluebottles. They did make interesting photosubjects though.

Nasty Venomous things. Damned interesting though

Stopping in Batesman Bay, we has an excellent dinner with a desert to die for. I crashed soon after this as I had been away now 32hours straight. zzzzzzz

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