I headed off for an overtime shift Saturday.. all was well until -130hrs or there abouts when I found out my relief was not going to come in to work. SIGH.. AS it was sunday penalties, I sucked it up and stayed for the 12hrs. (come one, double time...) I was beyond exhausted when I finally arrived home. I watched TV with David until 1500 hrs when he went to hang out the washing and I made the mistake of lying down.
Next thing I know, It was 2am... hmm I rolled over and hello 8:3-am.. 18hours of sleeping and a lost day off. Damn it all.

My next day off is a pyjama day on friday. Ugh....


  1. Yvonne,

    Hey it's Kyle. I looked through the cameras last night. I'd love to have a roll of 620 or 120 film.

    My email address is:


    Email me and I'll send you my mailing address.

    Thanks a bunch!



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