Monday, October 10, 2011

David's Birthday

The 10th day of the 10th month marks David's escape from his mother's womb.. He has managed to stay alive for another year. So we celebrated his continuity on this earth.

Sunday Druey took him to Hooters, a place that David likes with all the pretty girls who ham it up. Druey loves the 911 sauce as does Anita I found out recently.

The music was so loud I had to order by sign language and by the end I had a splitting headache. David of course had a ball. I took heaps of polaroids with the spectra. I had expired Platinum film in the camera so the colours are all wonky.

The drive to work was a pleasure.. the M4 is so much better than the M5. In everyway.

The next day I took D to Spur, a quieter, child friendly place. The waitresses were just as pretty but clothed. They were also happy to play up for David's birthday, making him a waffle with all the lollies and singing their birthday song for him.
Again another great night and we continued to talk in the car park for ages, then it was almost too late to get me to work. OOPS

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