Thursday, October 20, 2011

It has been pointed out

that I have not been blogging and more than one person has noticed this and asked me to type at least a few words. To you guys, I apologise.

Real life seems to be swallowing me whole at its been like this since mid September. We are dropping staff faster than a snake sheds skin..and the rest of us are trying to cope with the slack. Ugh I a moment of quiet, I calculated that we has 30% of the roster off. These is unsustainable. I drew the line tonight, when asked to extend to 10am.. Ughhh no.. I have reached over 110hrs this pay period so, I have done my bit for the cause.

The time I have been silent, I have been busy on instagram. It's an outlet for my commute to and from work which is all I seem to do.

The deputy Mayor of my council, Ben Banasik, tipped me off about a charity shop that had some cameras I may be interested in.. So I wandered up on my way to Penrith..
This place was huge and even had a Yoroi -kabuto!!! (Japanese Body Armour) not an item I often see in a charity shop. ( I have update my phone and now have to search for the photos)

Today's charity shop prize..

Anyway Ben's Father Michael works here, also a member of our council.. But I could not find him to twist his arm..
I walked out with a Polaroid colorpack II which I will have to pass on, I knew there was no film, but I wanted to shoot it as a subject for a while, and a canon QL 17. This Camera seemed to work, but it has a savage ding to the Len and hence the slow shutter speeds spec not work. This is course didn't deter me. The funny thing about this camera, was, I put a photo on IG, stating the damage and I get three people wanting to buy it!! Steady on! With such interest, I'll run a roll of film through it then most likely eBay it. I'll see how I feel about it after 36 exposures,

October 13

Saw me at the safety comp for the 5th year. It's a tradition for me now,
I had a room overlooking the racecourse and took heaps of photos of the racecourse and the refinery in the twilight, awesome.
Several friends popped in for coffee and a natter, and David had invited Megan to dinner with us and she accepted. I do like Megan, in that she doesn't make excuses to avoid you. It's lovely. This doesn't mean we have to agree on everything in life, but it's nice to get out and have a pleasant evening with interesting people. Troy was the last to leave and David and I faced the King size bed.
David actually complained that it was too big, for me, if I had had this size bed when Fabian was a small child, David and I could have gotten more sleep. Damn.. Kids, like cats take up the whole damned bed.

I spend the safety comp finding out the new rules for my job and stalking people with my camera, :-).
Troy and Anita did Zumba, as seen above

Troy, Tim, Anita and I shot Leigh walking on track for what seemed like a first time.. And he did reasonably well for his first points winding.
He did win this shiny medal for his train sim driving. :-) very cool. You should have seen his grin!

Tim's team won the first aid comp but we expected nothing less from the ex-nurse.

The rest of my motherhood has been back to grindstone, the infighting is getting worse and I am at a point where I want the cone of silence. No one talk to me unless you need to. I am so over the gossip and back stabbing, I only want to get on with my work and be left in peace, apparently too much to ask.


Leeton to look forwards too!!!

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