Leeton fly in

After a massively a huge false start, David, Fabian and I headed for Leeton on Friday afternoon. Tim, who arranged the trip, was called to a family commitment art the last second. He was on his way to join us when he got the call. ARGGHH so without our leader we went anyway. I had taken leave and taken Fabian out of school...and David has Sat off.
Arriving at the farm in reasonable time, even with a dinner at the Cootamundra ex-servicemen's and citizen club for dinner.
I don't know what my mother did to the bed at the farm, but the floor would be more comfortable. Don't think David or I got much sleep.
Early start, there was really no dawn as the clouds were heavy. Ugh.. Still, to the south, it looked like it would improve.
Arrival at Leeton the moths were glinting in the patchy sunlight. I chatted to a few pilots who seemed disappointed that Victorian moths didn't make it. One guy had flown from South Australia. There was at least one from Newcastle. They were expecting 10 more but the weather in Australia has been horrible for the past week. I wasn't disappointed. More than enough to shoot for one morning.

Leeton fly-in

Leeton fly-in

They did some flour bombing which was cool, one pilot almost stalling but he gained control and next pass was much higher. The local media was slow to arrive and we nearly scored the gig but were gazumped at the last minute when they bothered to get out of bed. Rats.
WIN arrived a little later.
Fabian was offered a free ride to shoot the formation flying but refused. I was floored. I still can't believe it. Damn. He will regret the opportunity later when he thinks about it.
Leeton fly-in
Home via Leeton Cafe and a train chase of 3391 to Narrandera and then a side trip to Whiton but the historical museum was closed even though the advertised hours were till 1600hrs. The lady went home :-( bummer.
We grabbed some pies for dinner and headed for the farm. The three of us shot some sunset before retiring. Lots of KMs
Woosang farm
High stress in parts, and times I felt all men were conspiring against me but still better than being at work or in the city


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