Sunday, October 23, 2011

Macherps meet and greet

So Friday was our October meeting and we help a show. I had every intention of being an assistant but with our staffing levels, I was unable to swap away my shift, so I was only about to pop in and pop out. I feel bad as I find it hard to stay long enough to help pickup, usually having to left by 2030.
This also meant that I couldn't take any large snakes, the ones that don't mind kids. I was bummed, but other members brought heaps and Tim brought down my Rough Scaled pythons. They had their own baby boxes and so they could be transported with little stress. Just as well as my time away from home was going to be epic.
Rhonda had excelled herself this time and the rest of the committee had done an excellent Job setting up. I was thank ful that Tim could stay back a little and help them pack up. We all got a bag or two (or three) of new substrate and I think I'll try it in the babies' cage.
I may have found a home for Ink. As much as I love her, she needs a more loving home with people who can spend time with her. I think I have found an understanding home. Poor Ink is terrified of people. She is a beautiful animal and deserves the best of care. I need to spend more time with my pets and so wish to reduce the number of single snakes. As 90% of my snakes are carpet pythons, I will allow ink to go to a new minder.
Work was problematic. Having two baby snakes, I had to hide them, they couldn't stay in the car, the nights are too cold still. And I had to return them to the car prior to the phobic cleaner coming in. In my rush I left the food in the work freezer,, oh no.... Dead rats/quails don't make for good I had to message a colleague to leave a note on the package. D'oh
In the interest of not driving on Sunday..l headed to Rushcutters bay to pick up a book. Well three books,. Tips meant 4 hours in the car for the snakes and 4 hours of filling in time for me. I grabbed my a-1 and headed for the park. Wandered but this got boring when I ran out of film. I tried a wanky cafe but I paid $4.50 for burnt coloured water with froth on top. Ugh. The staff were too interesting in chatting up the self important car salesmen.

MacHerps Held a Show

MacHerps Held a Show

MacHerps Held a Show - Boyd's Forest Dragon

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