Monday, November 14, 2011

A lean week

I have been continuing my hectic work schedule, alas its probably at my health's expense. I have to start refusing the rostered overtime, the last week has been tough. I have had two three day headaches in a week, I am easily upset and had a major snap at D. He was trying to help a friend but it ruined my plans for the arvo, causing a huge fight. It took ages for us both to calm down. WOke up with yet another headache that lasted three days. :-(

I have three days off. Leave. Not days off. I need this time. Hopefully I can spend some calm with Fabian.

Have had no time to process my photos from Bondi. :-/
Here are a few

Sculpture by the sea 2011

Sculpture by the sea 2011

Sculpture by the sea 2011

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