Sunday, November 27, 2011

week 19 to 27 November


This weekend was SUPPOSED to be Temora. We had planned to be there for the Saturday airshow. ALAS my shifts didn't allow for a safe drive and Daivd and Tim were both working anyway throughout the weekend.. SO I had a weekend with Fabian.

It was raining. The whole weekend was wet and miserable for outside activity.
Fabian's Geko phone needed a new sim but the account was long closed.. so we walked around all the telcos asking to try sim cards.. We discovered it was vodafone. (Shudder) This though meant I could buy a $20, 365 sim and now his phone is back on line and it is so much cheaper for me than it was before.

I allowed Fabian to choose some PS3 games for Xmas and we ended up staying inside for most of the weekend.

When it did stop raining, we tried out the iphone helicopter. The big issue with this copter is range. You cant allow it to travel too far from the iphone. :-(

We developed a roll of film in the AGFA Daylight tank but it was not a good a result as my usual tank, uneven development.


The mail today was a surprise. I was not expecting the huge box that arrived.
My three *X10 developing tunes were int he box. YAY! Now I can do large format in the sink. SOme F-1s and a bit of film. Rather cheered up my day.

23-25 Nov

Busy few days at work. The new supervisors I have worked with have been excellent. I have also been happy to fob off some difficult Protection officers heehee.. Of course there are three others I have not worked with.. So we shall see.

MC92 derailed on Thursday.. caused Wollongong to be cut off from SYdney.
Will take until Monday or Tuesday before the track will be opened.

2011-11-24_0648-45 MC92 derailment at Clifton

2011-11-24_0701-14 MC92 derailment at Clifton

2011-11-24_0701-23 MC92 derailment at Clifton

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