Friday, December 23, 2011


Xmas flowersXmas flowers

Today was Druey's Solistce party. I was actually looking forwards to this, and even with everything in the background, this is the party of the year for me.
 I was able to spend a quick hour or two with Tim and his family. For once it was comforting to be amongst a family even if its not my family. The girls were excitable and little Cate kept ttaking photos with the cat camera I gave her. Luckily I gave her 5 rolls of film.. I think I will need to give her a box of 20 rolls of Kodak.  
I would love to get real feedback esp as most of my present to this family were hand made in someway. 

I was thrilled with how the canvaspop canvas turned out and I do hope Tim liked it. I was surpirsed at the great quality of a hipstamatic photo. 

Robin and her lizard seemed to bond. The bluetongue never liked me. Funny how these things work out. 
Robin's present
Onwards to Druey's and we had the pie that Tim's MIL made for me. She made a HUGE pie. Plenty for all and still some for me to take to work.



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