Sunday, December 4, 2011

Unhappy employees

Its very telling of upper management when almost all employees are looking to bail. Its not only me, but several people in my workplace and other complexes. The older guys are now arranging their plans to retire, us slightly younger people just want something else. Of all the people I work with 75% are out looking. I am sure many other complexes have the same ratio.
This speaks volumes of management. Upper management are happy to gie themselve large pats in the pack, whilst treating lower grades as children.
The addition of new levels of supervision have only accellerated the evacuation. I have witnessed a jump in sick leave. One shift had 5 people on a shift of 8 go sick in a 5 minute period.
We have two trainees, if the guys retire nect year as they plan and if I and my colleagues find alternatives, what will they do?

Its unbearable. People are even being explosive, two guys last night nearly came to blows almost like fighting dogs and had to be seperated. This is mearly stress findind an outlet. Would you work here?

My boggest issue, it that I have been employed here in various roles since my very early 20s. I have no knowledge outside of my speciality. I have a childish reseume. I am working on this.
help me............

I need to go back to my aviation training and re-learn technical writing. I used to be excellent at all this but my cushy job for the past 18 years has made me soft.

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