Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weekend away

Actually had a " sort of" weekend away... It was sunday and part of monday. SO David took us to River Island mainly because he had stuff to pick up from there but thats ok.

It was over cast and raining almost all the time. Sigh.. Its supposed to be summer and although I have no issue with the cold, I am over this bloody rain. It hasn't stopped since late november.

Played with IR, and the canon 1N not much digital with the 7D. Tried to get shots of a bower bird but didnt manage to catch him in his nest. :-( Too many passers by.

Bower bird nest.

A male Bower Bird makes his nest in a dry river bed nearby. #bird #iloveaustralia

Our under cabin resident. #iloveaustralia #wombat #animal

Bullio at Sunset #canong5 #infrared #iloveaustralia #canon

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