Xmas hermitage

AH its that time of year when I hide from people. I loathe this time of year (NO surprise, I biych about it every year) SO as it ticked over to Dec 1, I have increased my online presence and not gone to the shops except! my 50mm f/1.8 that I inherited from D, fell apart. Literally, fell out of its casing.

50MM F/1.8 fell apart.

So David and I braved the stores, of course after 1700hrs so the least amound of ppl would be there.
Talked to JB Campbeltown who accused me of having a fraudulant receipt for them to match a price. Fuck you then. They apologised when they rang the store listed. They did not match the price though. I stormed out, I don't take kindly to being called a criminal.

Dick smith couldn't reduce the retail price on an ex-demo. huh. Its essentially used..

Up to the camera shop where the guys where friendly, and we had a long chat. I eventually bought the lens from them even though they could only go down to $128. Its customer service guys!!! Treat people like valued people and they buy stuff from you even if its higher than the other guys.

SO I have a new 50mm.

The freeway to the city has been exceptionally bad recently. Took David 2 hrs 45 mins to get to sydney. Its only 2 hours by train. WHo says driving is faster?? I have noticed it has been getting worse. A few days ago at 6am, the traffic in the city direction was queued back past Narellan road. (THis is way out of the city)

Cloudy and Cool first day of summer
P&O arrived in Sydney Dec 1st

Weather has been shit for the whole week. We have had the coldest summer start since 1967 and I an sure my US friends are having warmer weather. They are certainly laughing at us. :-) So much for summer. lol I don't mind the temps, but the constant rain is a bit wearing.

Government House Sydney
Government House Sydney
Had to resort to Iphone ir to get any descent shots last time I was in the city.

Cloudy and Cool first day of summer
Dec 1st 2011. Grey and Dreary

Got an IR camera, but due to the postal laws, the battery wasnt shipped with it. The stupid part of this is I had to order a battery which is being shipped from HK.. GRR if it comes in a camera or phone, its a hazard, if its shipped in a plastic cover its OK? whats the diff? ANYWAY this means no shooting for all of dec so far. I did take out the digital and shot some night scenes but not the same as SYdney under a blue sky.

Railway at night
Oscar at Strathfield

Infrared PLay..
Digital IR. Canon 7D red filter

Oh night shift for the stupid season, or as I now call it (Thanks Big Bang Theory) The non optional Social convention.


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