Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Thank goodness the compulsory Retail season is over. I hate xmas and the need to buy ppl presents. I buy people presents through the year as I see things I think they like and resent having to do extra just because it is expected. My friends know this. If you dont love people enough to buy them stuff through the year, then its all pretty shallow.
Still it was a reasonable time, only insulted once and from an odd source so depression was short and put into perspective when I found out that a friend;s granbaby is in hospital from a near drowing. Life sux but others have it worse.

Anyway mother saw fit to nag me on xmas day driving me to work grateful to be there.. And I was dragged out of bed after work really early to go to my In-laws and I was late anyway ! Sigh. I was a zombie. I really was not alright and couldn't shake the fuzzy feeling.
Boxing dinner

They encourage these pests.. But once you start its too late. You cannot stop feeding these birds or they destroy your house. Oh well.
It was most pleasant once my brain kicked in.. and I had my cameras too. :-) I forgot to change the battery on my fisheye so wasted two shots with that.



A short stop at Peter Neve's before heading to Helen's. She fed us again but I had to rush off and so it looks bad. BUT I had to go.

Of course no sleep and a busy start was not good. Luckily I managed not to bugger anything up. I collapsed into bed and slept for most of my day off on Tuesday. A whole day. Bit of a waste.

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