Australia Day

worked for 6 hours of it. The drove to mortdale to pick up the child. Hurried home and was going to try to stay awake. Alas It didn't last. I crashed and slept until noon.
The weather in picton was on and off heavy rain. SO the poor kid was stuck inside. He watched many hours of the simpsons on DVD and a few more hours of PS3 games.

David had given me $10 to buy Fabian some food so we headed out for Maccas, then bread and sausages for lunch tomorrow. Ah bad parenting at its best. The child and I settled into an evening of Guitar hero and Rockstar before I sent him to bed and David came home. A quiet day for sure.
Fabian Hams it up in Coles

Me and Fabian Stayed inside today
Fabian's cat Poe
The traditional Sam Kekovich video was out. Not as funny as the past few years but a good spoof.


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