end of 2011

Not a time of you I really care about. Frankly I see it as a julian calendar excuse to leave socity's rules at home and act stupid.

Got into work with all the stuff to dump on David's train. BUT work had other ideas. The Banktown line was affected, but an ibis. Yes another Ibis fried itself on essential infrastructure and caused delays for 16 hours by the time I left work. I was just as busy re-routing trains to minimise Bankstown's workload. Nothing that the experts did helped. we lapped the error codes three or four times this shift.

Left work to meet David, whose train had passed by my work but due to the workload and emmient visitors I was not able to get away. There were many people at the station who couldn't believe that Circular Quay was closed. They judt couldn't believe what the police officer was saying. I evenutually had to butt in as I was in uniform, as this woman was just not listening and explained that CQ was closed after 2030hrs due to it being NYE and safety concerns. The police officer was correct in his adivise and she had to walk from Wynyard. To which he added that you will need an armband to enter the area. This woman was travelling with young children so starting her journey at 2200hrs is stupid anyway. You cant help some people.

Wandered around Central taking general people shots. David was busy with his CSB so I had a drink and settled to wait.

At 2350hrs, David took us down to the Carpark, dragging the Semczuks behind.. :-)

We got to see 99% of the fire works but my quick release plate had a screww in the way and this caused great angst until David fixed it. I am happy with this location as we dont have 2.5 million people to contend with to and from and no one can stand in front of us.

Darling Harbour Fireworks

Darling Harbour Fireworks


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