Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fabian's visit

Poor Fabian. One of the few times a year that we get to spend time together and it rained. Not light rain but heavy downpours. The child spent the most of our time in front of the the TV. Friday saw mother passing through the house, not awakening anyone. Weird... Saturday, and in the evening I spotted some blue patches of sky so I packed the child and the 1896 8X10 camera and zoomed up to Razorback. We had a great time shooting the cows with this ancient camera. She jammed so I spend around 20 minutes unjamming it gently. The wood is very fragile which is also why I can't sit on a modern tripod bracket. I need a tray type top for tripod. From here we headed for Mortdale as he has to start school on monday. Plus his Grandfather was taking him swimming on sunday.
11yr old takes on large format #photography
YES HDR faiil but the child moved.
Michael and Inara invited us for Dinner, so I collected David from the station and we had a very nice meal. Was after 2330 before we got home. Was nice to eat homecooked food for the first time in ages. No update on my pay, my boss and payroll never returned my calls so have to tackle them on monday. Dunno how I will survive the fortnight with no money. :-(

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