Sunday, January 8, 2012

More routine

THis month will be essentially all night shifts. It is also filled with pyjama days and double backs. Evil roster.

I have only been seeing David for an hour or two each day as he returns from work and I head out.
Have also made a major change in that I have an analogue blog, aka diary. I have had one for moany years but for specialist subjects. This is gthe first year that its a general dairy.
Digital is all very nice but everyone reads it and you have no control. Livejournal used to offer this control but it got unmanageable with spam. As is wordpress. Ugh

ANYWAY work has been busy, mostly just due to the funny timetable. Trains essentially run all night.
The weather has been odd. Two hot days then "cold" days then hot again.. its not summer as we know it. Every one day I get off its raining and cold.

the only nice weather is when I go to work.
Last light of the day

Morning Fred

Fred is happy to have a cage to himself. Poor optimus has a huge mite infestation. UGH. They jumoed everywhere and killing them was a challenge. They bit me too!! I have bites all down my legs from these nasty arachnids. Like fleas but related to spiders, smaller and more horrible than any spider.

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