Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A nightmare

The day was essentially a nightmare.
An alarm woke me up at noon. So I stumbled outta bed. Showered and during this time, poor David rang as he had been stuck for 90 minutes on the highway as a truck has jumped to the other side of theroad, across the median strip which is 4 lanes wide of grass and trees and squashed a poor unsuspecting motorist coming the other way in the farthest possible lane. All three people died instantly. Having seen the photo, it's a mercy that they probably died very very quickly.
Remember alway live life as if it was your last, you never know when there is a truck with your name on it.
The postoffice had nothing.. So I headed back to arrange my paperwork that mother had requested. Luckily my loving husband had collected all my statements and put them in a folder. WIN!!
Train to town and i spelt the whole way. Of course I developed a headache and by the time I was at wynyard, it was bordering on migraine fun. yay.
Met mother at the spot she stated and took her to the Telstra store, where I effectively turned off her phone by transferring it to a micro sim. Her phone hopefully being waiting for her at Paulette's house. If not.. Then no phone. She has a work phone so it's not all bad.
Headed to to the appointment on the 10th floor of a building in hunter street and was greeted with
Um,... 10 floors!! Ok one step at a time. 32 steps per floor...
Panting, I bet my mother up. But damn I was sweaty and felt horrible. Water and pain killers didn't make me feel all that much better. The lift has been out for two days.
Not exactly sure of the agenda of the meeting and seems to be mostly a waste of effort and time but I did get some insights of what has been set up in my name. It's actually not all bad. The guy had to go at 1800hrs so we were dismissed. Annoying my slightly but I needed to get outside anyway.
Mother bought some Maccas, the order being stuffed up, but I had ceased to care, we had argued about western Sydney... I was tired and still with this bloody headache.
We parted ways and I went to burn film. Happily snapping away with the FE2 and the EM, WHEN it dawned ON my tiny brain that the shutter speed was always the same on the EM. Yvonne had neglected to check the batteries, massive WOOSANG FAIL. Grunt, it had a review film in it, 10 frames lost unless I go for double exposing the first 10. Not a fan of double exposures, but how can I review a film when I made such a massive error. Damn Nikon and their always work policy, lest the FE2 doesn't work unless on bulb with no battery.
Continued with the FE2 Sydney and b&w works anyway.
#sydney conservatorium of music. Est 1915
Started losing light so headed to Celinis. Close to work and great coffee.
Had my $5 special and after such a day, it was bliss.


It stated to rain, yay :-/
It's raining now. I just can't get motivated to move
But work required me to turn up so into the rain I went, arriving hot and wet . Again.
Celinis has this great idea... A pre paid coffee card. Love this idea and will be buying one on payday.

Coffee card

Also will show my other fav cafes. How can they lose? They have my money, if I lose the card, too bad, it I use all the coffees I will probably buy food to go with it, gets people in your cafe and no lose to the business, BRILLIANT!!

Work was a actually pleasant. Colleagues made me espresso, another a hot dog. A good crew can sense a stressed person and will help.

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