Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The past few days

12th- no mail!!!! Eep! Visited the antique store, i rarely do this as Picton antique stores are extremely over priced but for some reason, I went in.. Found a mint (well almost) Condition Kodak 629 Model c with case and instructions. I out a deposit on it and had to forgo my coffee as that was all my cash. I also discovered F hardness in pencils. Cool!! Not H and not B but in between. It seems perfect. Maybe a new favourite hardness? Kodak 620 model C Took a drive looking for a tree a lady posted and it's one of those photogenic trees so went for a drive....didn't find the tree but discovered not only is Oakdale a bit of a hole, but it doesn't have a giant Dome. Huh?? I have no idea why it is there. Only took some distant pics and headed on to The Oaks. It was certainly a lovely day for a drive. The dome. Yashica mat 13th- My day off.. Of course I was at work until 6 am and slept my day away, ugh. It was a cold morning. It's January, it's supposed to be hot and I was delighted to revel in this 9C weather. It's odd though. Very off putting. No mail again!! But I paid for the the camera in the antique store and took it home. The day had warmed up to a lovely day and so I put the baby Roughies outside. Developed the Werra film and the ir film that was in the canon a-1.
Baby rough scaled python
14th- awake at 0830!!! What nonsense is this!! The day was overcast and grey to David settled into the armchair and stayed there. We finally went to St marks to shoot some Revolog Teslar film and saw a dragonfly caught in the spider's web. Tried to save him but the poor creature's wings with glued up with the sticky web. David tried his best be we had to leave him on a leaf to sort the wing out. Sad making. Bleached my stripe back in but didn't have enough bleached to it turned auburn, oh well it's a work in progress. Back to eBay for some bleach and some red. Dropped a film off at David Wilson and the girl there wants to learn film/ Manual cameras. Cool!!

15th- stupidly placed a bid on an item I really couldnt afford and as things go with situations like this, I won the damed thing. Ugh, had to honour it. :-/ there goes my money. Poor again for two weeks now but no one to blame but myself. Added pink to mellow the auburn a bit. Had Beau help me manage my RSS feeds and am slowly moving all over to my domain account rather than my gmail. Thinking of moving the Blog, least the camera one, but it's not as simple as that. Sigh Got the bus to work as there was a shut down and we had buses going Campbelltown and then central. Actually faster trip to work than usual. It was rather relaxing except the fact that I cannot fit in the seats, my legs are too long. Work was slow.. Yawn....

16th- fatigued. Just the flat tired feeling all day. Tackled the random pile of negatives and out them in a folder. Headed to McDonalds and whilst there, randomly opened the UPS app on my phone. Its message glared at me. DELIVERED. WTF!! checking the time stamp, it was 20 minutes after David had picked up the mail in the morning. Have I stated now much I hate couriers?? I am solo lucky that the staff at the PO know me and tolerate me. The time was now 1720.hrs. The post office closed at 1700hrs..FUCK. David whipped out his phone and rang the PO. Kelley answered. Can Yvonne run over and get the big box?? She said YES!! Yay, I ran across the car park to the back door and she was waiting. It was a big box. Over 15kg in fact, but I got my big box. Heading home, I got to rummage. Negative storage sleeves, film from IG friends and a camera with 36 rolls of fi,m and may many batteries, foam for a pelican case and a hoodie from Think Geek. :-) all happy making. Alas my joy was cut short when it was time to go to work. Sigh... Mind you, this no driving policy is really working for me. I am more relaxed over all. Think I will extend this to maybe trying a track work bus or two.. We shall see.

17th- slept till 1600hrs!! Wow! A major win for me. I didn't even hear David come in. That's the second time this week. Poor David is stuck on permanent day shift and so collapses into bed almost as soon as he gets home. Who says day work is not fatiguing?? Morons. Have no idea what they talk about. I did the mail run. Beau's Xmas present arrived, one month and one day after posting from the US. sigh The US policy of charging everyone in the world $9 extra for the privilege to post a box to and from the US had caused so many delays heaps of sellers no longer post overseas. Arghh but I don't blame them. ANYWAY!!! In the box was the most vibrant scarf I had ever seen. The cat was adorable but the scarf was a show stopper. It was well made and a lovely thick wool. My hats off to N3rdWool a wonderful product. And yes, it plays the Nyan cat song. David emerged from the bedroom just after 1700hrs, in time to order pizza it being a Tuesday. :-)alas the steak and brie pizza is not as good as the supreme with feta and egg. Work time!! The train was 9 late and I actually needed the early train. I had arrange to meet Beau and Evan to hand over the scarf and me take the opportunity to have a Celini's coffee. Luckily for me I didn't a lot at MacArthur and the connection was waiting at Campbelltown, having been terminated short. Made my coffee date, and the coffee was excellent but the shortbread even better. I dunno what Beau thinks of handmade stuff, but it brought a smile at least. Need to make some time to meet up over a dinner or something with my core friends. They deserve better. Maybe a lasagne TUB??? Today is officially my day off and I have not made it home yet. As always a day off is not a full 24hrs. Am pondering a shirt drive for shooting the Revolog film.

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