Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where did January go

18th-  picking up from last week. The train ride home on my day off was rather pleasant..Marlene drove me to Campbelltown, so I had 49minutes to fill in before my train. Ah well... What a way to have a day off :-/ 
The Arvo wake up saw me at the PO but there was no mail. None. Aw.. Why does my magic box not produce stuff??? It was actually a bright and sunny day so I headed up razorback for some shots.  Took the road towards Mt Hunter but got distracted by old Razorback road. :-)
David was finishing earlyish and I had to drop a loan camera to the girl at the developing place, so I headed to CBT. Alas Omesh, the girl, was not on. Rats. Picked up the texture film which I reviewed on the film blog. 
Dinner at the RSL was nice but the place was unairconditioned so it got hot and muggy. Ugh. Getting home, there was a lightning storm. Had to take shots :-)
Lightning over Picton

19th- slept to around 10:30 when Louise sms'd me. Quite a surpirse. Managed to snooze longer but eventually had to give up. Trackies on, I headed to the PO. Again nothing, what's wrong with my magic box?? I turned towards Mowbray park and formulated a quick plan to go to Nattai national park. As I arrived, it clouded over and went crappy. Aw. Stopped a few times, once being Oakdale workers club where there is a miners memorial before arriving at the lookout.
Miners memorial

One a sunny day this would be fabulous. It has BBQ, a play area and a great view of Lake Burragorang.
Lake burragorang

Nice to see water in the dam. Not much mobile phone service out here so as I left my mobile rang, of course it was work. Come on on in, so I headed straight from the lookout to work dressed as a slob. Complete slob. Ugh. Felt dirty, was dirty. It was a long shift.

20th- the dreaded 12hr shift drive home. Yay. Tired and still dirty. The wee hours of the day was spent chatting to an IG friend, which filled In the slow hours. Of course the police closed a station at shift change over time, making it busy. Promised Kevin a sunrise shot and luckily today was a pretty one.

Was awake at noon, but managed to go back to sleep, only to be awoken by my doorbell. I was going to ignore it, but I remembered that mother was coming over. She had papers for me to fill out but my brain was fogged. I had no idea what the forms meant. I had to give up. I needed a shower and packed my cameras for an excursion. I had to double back so thought I would shoot in the city. Massive possession on so heaps of paperwork.

21st- managed fatigued at work . I had to. Was going to head into the city but the weather poured down. So I stayed put. Alarm at midday had me up and showered ready for my arvo shift. Afternoons are very boring. Excruciating.
I made a stupidly low offer on a crown graphic. I was sure he would say no. But the time I woke up, it was accepted, oh crap!! Had to scrabble to get money. ARRGHHH. Never mind. Have wanted one for over a year, so why not.
David didn't answer my call, so I snooped on him. Lol. Of something I usually do and even had to install the app first. Ah I saw he was with friends some sent a message. I arranged a dinner, forgetting that is was drone night out.
A night out

My husband picked me up and Even had a present for Me. Aw. ❤❤❤❤I was delighted. Met Evan and Beau for dinner but the pub was so loud, had to text ppl to talk to them. We headed to somewhere quieter. Evan introduced us to doughbox. The most beautiful woman works there. :-)
Lovely Lady at the waffle shop
This place even makes decent coffee and the waffles are fantastic.

Fell in love with this pin up. Need to get a print.
Love this pinup

22nd- got up earlier than I expected. Grunt. Still had a few rare hours with David. A lazy day. Spent it cleaning lizard cages, putting the rough scales outside and cleaning the womas. I set up Ink's old cage for the two babies so now they have uv lighting and more heating .
Caught the rail bus to work as my car had to be left at work. The bus is actually ok. It's direct. It's relaxing and just as well, as soon as I walked into work I was hit with a wall of work. Didn't stop all night. Very happy to collapse into bed.

23rd- very late wake up. David rang to set up a quote for solar. That's cool. Whilst we wont save any money, it may offset my high power bills. The magic PO box had a parcel!!! Yay!! Was getting worried about it. a little Nikon EM which in my excitement, I forgot to check the batteries. Oh no. 10 frames of a review film shot at 1/90th... Ugh., wondering if I should rewind and double expose 9-10 frames? Or soldier on after I get batteries. I dunno.
David came home and took me to KFC where we discovered they have deleted the works burger. Had a tasteless sandwich instead, which they would stop removing the good burgers. We sat at Tahmoor station and ate whilst I waited for my train. A quiet shift for once.

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