why does it rain on days off?

yes. My one day off and it rained. Not just rain but thunder and hail too. Not heavy or I would have moved David's car, but light stupid hail to make a racket and stop all washing and lawn mowing. ARGHHHHHH I found it all too much and spent the day in a miserable mood so I slashed my book collection. Not literally, but packed all into bags and released them all. Gone. So far the topic was paranormal romance, but it filled two bags and three boxes.

I have some x-rated books to give to a friend in Hornsby if she or her boyfriend come south.. but the rest were gone. Had enough of the clutter and I had read most of them anyway. Felt good. I will soon have shelf space for my cameras. I have to be brave and select more books for release. I had forgotten how much fun it is to release books. :-)

Fed the snakes, using thongs for once. AND just as well. Medusa lept from the cage and grabbed the rat and whipped her tail around my hand for grip. Great Had to get a new climbing stick and pry her off but she never let go of the rat.
The other snakes were no problem. Except the large female in quarentine. She is healing but still not eating. Its been months but she is still in good condition. Wish I could get her to eat one little rat...
Spent the rest of Sunday on the couch, watching my foxtel fade in and out due to the storm.

Much better, of course a work night. Means a good day. ALAS I had gone to bed with a headache and it was worse when I got up. The first time. Took drugs and water and headed back to bed. This continued most of the AM until finally around 11am, I could finally open my eyes without pain. WIN!! Had a shower and made my way to the PO.

Two boxes and a lumpy envelope PLUS my tax return. A measly $400 of which the tax man wants $110 ugh. I paid over $30k in tax and all I get back is $300 really. WTF. depressing. I even had tax added!!! Where did that go? Consolidated revenue? Take of my toll on my Motorway then I paid for it. :-(

ANYWAY the box had the most beautiful handmade journal in it. A heavy one. Just over a KG
Hand made leather journal
hand stiched paper and simply a joy to look at and touch.

I sat on the verandah of McDonalds and enjoyed the afternoon. It was warm and the breeze kept the heat down. Simply perfect and a feeling of calm settled on me. I just read a book on my ipad and sipped coffee. If only all afternoons can be so peaceful.
Off to work, but ARTC couldnt manage to provide a service. ALTHOUGH it is an hourly service I got notice 2 minutes before it was due at Picton. Oh Come on!! Its an hour to mossvale or so and you tell me 2 minutes prior instead of an hour ago. ARRGGHH SO had to ring D to bring my car down and I drove to CBT. Of course I had to pop into the film placem, thinking I had 24 minutes. I did but the girl took so long to write down my order, I had only 10 minutes to go a suburb away, park the car and run for the train.
I managed with the door closing as I made a desperate leap for the train. Left panting and sweaty I was annoyed at myself for taking the risk. Still Lets hope the film was worth it.
Had A "discussion " about an apparent misroute.. 4331... tabled as its number states, south.. It got called out to the illawarra... Hmm no one questioned it. Except me. Why an I the only one who knows this shit. Its vital info and people just brush it away. AARGGHHHHH annoy making and one day will bite them in the arse. There is no pride in the job anymore.
Tungsten Film and AGFA disposable cameras


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