Monday, February 13, 2012

My poor little town

This is the 4th flooding storm in three days. My town was washed away in the first one and as it was due to the rain and not the creek we can't sandbag against the sky. This video from a local firefighter shows a lot Well Sunday had another storm and today (Monday) it hit us again. I had to move David's car so headed (like the rest of Picton) to Coles, the only undercover car park In town. The carpark was full. It usually only sees 10 cars are most but it has packed. I was there early enough to get a space, so took my remaining $10, bought a sandwich and coffee and sat to watch the mayhem. It was right over the town. Lightning and thunder was frequent and terrifying to small children. A few were like bombs going off, causing everyone to flinch. Picton Floods Breakfast After the hour long storm passed and headed for Tim and Drue's place I wandered the town shooting the damage. Had a chat to the charity people collecting money for the cancer council, and moved on to more flood damage. Picton Floods Picton Floods Home and tried to nap but it was futile as I had a train at 1900hrs. A brief check of the network and I decided to risk train travel. Least I won't have to stress about driving home tired! :-)

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