Saturday, March 24, 2012

Holiday Continued

                  Gold Coast from the Q1

March 21 part 2 - After the Q1, there is only so many times I can walk around a tower... we headed for Currumbin. I usually like zoos, but big rambling acreages on steep hills are hard to be excited about. Thankfully there was a little train. David and I are too large to fit together on one seat. OOPS. Certainly not designed for large hips. But better than walking through the tropical heat.

                   Steam train at Currumbin

Green tree snakeThere seems to be not much at the park, its more designed for the "Green Challenge" an adventure based high ropes adventure course. An excellent bird show and the vet clinic are the best park. Shame as so much more can be done with the 27 hectares than what is. There is a very sweet reptile exhibit. Few snakes but a nice lizard enclosure. David and I took to counting the wild Water dragons, seen everywhere but the tourists just pass them by and are shocked with you point one out. LOL I swear people wander around with closed eyes.
Water Dragon

               We headed south for the extra special part of the trip. ALAS weather was consipring against us..It was pouring. David took me to Cape Byron Lighthouse. He knows I adore lighthouses. I wished the weather had been blue skies. This is a beautiful lighthouse. Built in 1901, it is most easterly light being situated on the most easterly point of the mainland. It is also Australia's most powerful Lighthouse. The light is HUGE! You can see the frensel lens clearly from the base and it seems to take up the whole light room. The first-order optical lens weighs 8 tons. To see in 360 load this on your iphone/ipad. We stayed in town for dinner.
                                 Cape Byron lighthouse
It was like going back 15years into my past. Great food, good company and good music, I was in heaven. Iys a shame it was at the old station where trains used to run and I used to catch them to Byron bay. Its sad for me as buses are a terrible way to travel long distances.
           Byron Bay station

Evenutally it was time to return to the Banana state.. In the pouring rain. The highway southbound was totally closed, we saw the local police blocking entry to the highway. The trucks were lining up all the way to the border. We looked it up and the road was reported to be closed until 0730hrs.. A long night for the truckies. ugh

David returned to the Q1 for night shots, before we retired and collapsed into the fabulous bed.

Sumatrian TigerMarch 22 - Back to Dreamworld. The weather was simply horrible. It was cold and raining. We headed to redo my old camera photos due to the crashed iphone.. then David went on the Buzzsaw again so I could shoot him with the 7D. The sky was simply a white sheet!. :-( We had the $99 usb stick and so set about filling that up with silly photos but some rides where not functioning.
I did encourage D to go on the Big Drop so I could shoot him on that but I failed in this endeavour. In revenge I had to suffer the Tower of Terror for a third time.
UGH. By now it was pouring so we took refuge at Tiger Island. We watched the tigers play in the rain whilst the keepers looked miserable in the rain. The coffee was hot and soothing. Alas we had to move on and into the rain we ventured.

Deciding we were wet anyway, we headed for Whitewater world. It was so quiet that management send half the staff home. We played for hours on the Hydrocoaster and the green room. Both excellent rides. The weather turned quite cold and windy so I went to get dressed and left David to the single rides. I watched a wild crow undo the food bag of the people next to me. Amazing to watch.
David was ready and we headed back to the hotel for an early night. We had a lovely meal at the hotel just to make sure we were in bed early.
Whilst in Queensland...

                   Whilst in Queensland...

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