March 19 - Late to bed and early awake does not a good combination mix. Had to be in the 0647hrs train to get the 0900hrs flight but of course, by the time we arrived at the airport on a monday morning, the queues for bag drop was out the door. Grunt. Eventually we had to move to the flight leaving line which was still long. All worked out as the flight had to change planes, and hence was delayed. Cool. IN the meantime, Virgin changed my seating allocation randomly. I enquired as to why and they pointed out that 5 children were seperated on the flight and they were moved to be next to the parents. I pondered if this was a plot by the parents for peace and quiet. During the flight I went to take some photos but realised I had no CF card in my 7D so resorted to the iphone. (Yes well...More on this later) I had the free coffee the first form of sustinence so far all day..

                                       Come fly with me

Arrived in Brisbane, and a car pickup.... meant we were headed for um.. Robina shopping mall as I had forgotten the iphone/pad accessories for charging. UGH. Always something. The cafe we stopped at was delicious and the coffee most excellent. Certainly the best in a very long time.

                             Arrived safely
                             Rental car

David's big surprise was choosing the Radisson for us for the week, I love the beds in a 5 star hotel.. I can go without the smothering service, but the rooms are very comfortable. David fell asleep almost as soon as we got into the room.

                   My comfy room

Later afternoon with David fully revived, we returned to Robina to have the rear of his mangled iphone repaired. He had a quote for $30 but the lady there said it was $45.. no... we rang the boss and he said $30.. tooing and froing and then David just rang the boss who settled the matter. $30. Well didn't matter as David bought a $30 case too and his other one is always falling off his belt.

                    David's damaged phone

In the evening, we took advantage of the all you can eat seafood buffet for 2 people on special ($79) and I overate. Hey I am not this shape due to my ability to have proper serves. This bed is awesome.....

March 20 Dreamworld. OK theme parks are not my idea of exciting.. lots of people, queues for crappy rides, but as we were there mid week, and it was raining, the people did not come.. yay!!!! Of course due to the wind, some rides were not operating but I can live with that. The day had started with returing to Robina to get David's iphone looked at again as the inside back plastic had been left on, giving his camera that fuzzy lomo look. OK.. not for every photo please. So the lady took off the back and replaced it. Problem solved. We had a wardrobe malfunction the day before and David replaced this with two proper ones for fat people. YAY!!! I have comfortable underclothes!! WIN. Onwards to his theme park.. We had not taken our digtals, so I had my trusty iphone and Canon AE1-P loaded with Ektar. I am usually a Black and white girl but hey colopur every now and them can't hurt. One of the wet rides which is usually only a mild risk of wettage, but my soaked. I may as well have been in the rived itself. I could wring water from the fabric. AARGHH hot and steamy day and heavy wet jeans. :-( It was murder!!! We settled on to the train when the iphone in my hand suddenly got super hot! I had to hand it to David is it was tha hot. It was promply turned off but the heat it was generating continued for hours. Scarey, On no. Suddenly no ohone. aarghh. when i finally cooled, I tucked it away and we stored it in the car until we could get to the hotel. Onwards to white water world. THis was actually fund but dragging my huge frame up these skyscrapers of stairs was a chore. I didn't need the treadmill!!. There were a few rides I genuinely enjoyed. Too soon, (well, not for my legs. ) it was 1600hrs and we returned to Dreamworld were David dragged me onthe Tower of Terror again. I hate this ride. Secondly only to the Drop. Still I did it as second time. I dragged D to the more tame Motorcycles which I did enjoy. Too bad if its a little tame for others. I like it. :-) I was exhausted by the time we arrived back at the hotel and I had booze to consume... I tried.. but with David asleep at 2030hrs I didn't see the point in staying up... ZZZZZ

Oh the Iphone.. Well it was totally cactus. It won't boot up... it wont get a charge or keep any charge. AARGHH my life is on that phone. **Cry**

March 21 Off to Robina....again... This has become tradition. We arrived before Apple opened and there was a crowd outside. A bigger crowd than the iPad 3 queue in Campbelltown. David's magic appointment happened.. The man took my iPhone behind the scenes and was gone for an awefully long time. He finally came back saying he had changed the battery as the previous one was totally stuffed.. OOOOOKKKKKKAAAYY he sent us to the front of the house with the advice that my appointment in Penrith should not be cancelled.. He didn't give the phone a bill of health.. Right. So we moved to the front of the store and set about backing up. ALAS there was still a massive issue with this phone and as it sat on their charger, it again got super hot. I got several staff members to touch the phone.. all agreed that it was not normal. The backup was a total fail. I felt bad for the guy who tried to help e get my data, but it had more issues than the battery shorting. SIGH.. The lady who next walked up to me got the sob story and was shown the receipt that proved the new battery 40 minutes earlier and she went to the manager who got me back to the Genius bar. I was handed a new phone, and my data was deleted. The staff are friendly there and I had spent 90 minutes watching them deal with the dumbest people. They all need awards for not saying "you are too stupid to use our products" Well After all this waiting, I finally got a refurbished phone. Onwards.. the new phone had only 40% battery.. on dear.. David drove to the Q1. The weather was ok. It certainly had cleared up.

                                    Gold coast from Q1


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