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March Part 2

PostboxesMarch 9 - David took me to the PO.. probably wise..Posted a care package ugh stupid taxes cost $9 on top of the $44 postage. FFS. Cant blame Australia post though its a US tax imposed on the rest of us. Its not fair. I get no benefit from this tax. Doesn't make my life safer. Grunt.
Barely made the train..OOPS
My shift was fairly pleasant, colleagues checking on me and one needing to alk about fatalities. Dont think he knew that about me before. I talk too much..
I watched Matthew cook himself over 3kg of chicken wings. ALL for himself. He was attempting to eat all of these when we got an odd report of someone transposing a train without our authority and hence no Ops  authority. Very odd. Matthew's chicken went cold. Was offered a day shift for Saturday and whilst I would loved to have done it, with the new unable to manage fatigue at work rule, I couldn't double back. Damn it I need the money. Lost time and a half because of that.

March 10 - Though not technically on holidays yet, (I requested 2 weeks off as I am needing some time away from the insanity) This was my first day off. Managed to mow the front lawn. The weather for once was sunny and blue, but the grass was wet just down fromt he top. Made mowing very difficult. The ground is wet and spongy. I even refilled the mower with oil. I was very domestic. David left for his work naked bike ride. I was not up and dressed in time to go with him so only Beau managed to get photos.

World Naked Bike Ride Sydney
This is from the 2010 ride. Its my husband's arse, the 2012 one is still restricted
            I developed the Ray C film from the TYBCTWD
Between the Sky and MeWollongong StationWollongong Station73250001828107839
Ansco Shur-Flash Box TMAX 100 Ollie Chasing PupsAnsco Shur-Flash Box TMAX 100 When Rescue Dogs AttackNorris City Water Tanknew t shirtAgfa Clack PanF-8Agfa Clack PanF-7
Agfa Clack PanFPing├╝inos?AccidentalPanoramic street viewMe and
Warhol has left the building*la chica de rosaChruchChruch bellsMy school
Box Camera Revolution, a group on Flickr.
As you can see above there were a few players. :-)

11th March - Woke up around 11. Today is my first day of holidays but I do have to go in to work tomorrow. I spent the day creeping around the house as David arrived home from work around 9am. I had the idea of doing some photos with the Ray C, and even loaded it with Velvia 50. I did have study to do and so ended up on the treadmill reading my books instead of being outside in the sunshine.
Later int he late afternoon, David got up and he toook me out to Douglas park weir and then to a barn I wanted to shoot. Alas I set the wrong settings, and overexposed my shots. AARGHH
We set up for a silhouette shot of an endeavour as it was due past our location in 4 minutes so what the heck.

             Barn at Menangle

            Train passes

Set up our spare aircon at mother's place. Two reasons, her bedroom is hot during the day and its a place to store it. hahahah :-) Mother cooked a great spinach impossible pie. WIN!!

I spent the evening developing the tri-x of the shots taken today.

12th March - A day I should have stayed in bed. I headed up to Belmore for work. In my holidays. Oh goody.  Had 4 trains to catch and all went well until I put my head down to read and my station sailed past. AARGGHHH A panicky phone call to David and I was back on track.  Phew!!the day didn't improve at all from there. I did get a nice iphone shot of the station

                                Belmore station

13th March - A quiet day, my main objective was to head to Helensburg by train. The mail had a small care package from the states. YAY. After the horror of yesterday, it made me smile.
Two books on vintage styles, one on hair the other on makeup.

           Retro makeup                         Hair book

I headed off on my epic journey happier. All went smoothly.. I even coped with the peak hour and the people! All the people!! But I got to Helensburg in one piece. I was disappointed that I didn't take photos of the station, the light was pretty but my lift was waiting..

David took us to the club in Wollongong for dinner. Don and Rachel joined us. The dinner was most pleasant but of course we all degenerated into work talk.
After dinner I convinced D to take me to the lighthouse where I attempted some shots with the Nikon F70. I of course, had forgotten a mount for the tripod, so I had to use walls, fence posts etc etc even the car. Time will tell if they worked out.

14th March - Ah a day at home. I was very mellow.. I did go out and shoot some random stuff with the Graflex. I am seeing how much I have to play with the exposure to compensate for the shutter. :-) Probably only slightly. :-) Photos later

15th March - Highly emotional day for me. I am not a dog person by nature, I dont relate to them but I found an animal that stared into my soul. I desperately wanted to take her home. Alas I dont have $300 and the RSPCA give you a stupid inspection to see if you are good enough. Its so unfair. I enquired about a chicken and I was told the same thing. I would have to pay for the animal and await an inpection of my property. WTF? How dare they think they can judge me. I have kept dogs for years before moving into rented properties.


 Its hours later and all I can think of is this dog. She is older but trained. SIGH. Mother rang me around sydney to other pounds but I saw no other dogs. Back to not having an reaction. Only this one at the RSPCA gave me the recognition. Fuck today.
Mother did find a new dog. FINALLY. He is rather cute, certainly the pick of small dogs I have seen today. We pick him up tomorrow from Bo down the road. (The vet)

                    Mother found her dog                             Stupid hours
I am emotionally worn out. I was dropped off at Macarthur square where David was stalking prices on ipads..
SolarDavid's project of the past year and a bit, finally came to fruition. :-)

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