March Update part 1

1st March- My 1/2 day off. Sefton had the last relief (Of course) I slept most of the day (Again Of course) and a trip to the magic box was a waste of time. Not even an advertisement. I filled in some time developing the test film for the F70. 
Dragged David to the DR with me. We shared a consultation. Luckily we didnt wait long. It turned out David has tonsillitis. AW :-(

Weather was beyond horrible. News stations have gone silly with flooding reports and as most if minor flooding, it all a little overboard and dull.
Discovered I was rusty in my field of speciality, resting on my laurels for too many years, its time to pull my socks up. I find it unpalatable that I have been reduced to the level of the blithering idiots around me.  :-(
Discovered the weirdest show ever on TV. Even raised my spirits and for that I am a loyal fan now. Dont judge, it is extremely funny. RuPaul's Drag Race alas I cannot watch any videos from previous seasons as I am in Australia. If there is anyone with this show in DVD LMK!!!

2nd March - Slept 11hrs. Again the magic box at the PO was empty. Don't like this trend. Bough D a BLT from maccas to cheer him up but its a rather dull burger. :-( ring back my spicy mayo!! Settled in to watch some recorded TV whilst David flitted in and out trying to fix his Computer issue. 
Later in the evening, David rang me from his work for a pick up. OK. Least it was a pleasant drive. 
I managed to get some long exposures wit the Ray C. This was supposed to be done on the 29th but I couldn't find the time to take a shot. SO here is my Take your Box Camera To Work Shot.

Wollongong Station
Not bad for a camera that is 114 years old.

3rd March - It hasn't stopped raining. Friends tell me hundreds of people are at the dams.  Dunno why. Its a wall with water going over it. Showed David the Rupaul show but he doesn't think it is as hilarious as I do. Aw.  On my way to work, had to drop my roughies to Karen's place for the show tomorrow. She was freaking out about them more than I was. I am sure they are in fine hands. Karen has a great set up.  Its Mardis Gras night. All that means to me is more work. Ugh.

4th March -moist Trip home. surprise. I discovered Tim slept in when I get the message FUCK IT! on my phone. OOPS lol. It was still dark when I pulled in at home.
David woke my early so we could go to the herp show. I thought he was going to Steam fest but the weather was (SHOCK) Crap.
We arrived at the show at the same time as Tim. LOL I caught up with club members and the boys set about getting some show bargains. I got a bail of hemp for $25 for the big snakes. YAY! My lovely Yingarna looked miserable with nothing to climb on as David took her out of the cage but that limited him to the orange taped area.  People love Yingarna but the Hawkesbury herp people gave the prize to a mich uglier snake. Even my rough scales didn't' get a look in. I would protest but frankly I know my snakes are the best. I dont need a certificate to prove it.

After the show, We said our goodbyes and The three of us headed for a coffee. It was still pouring with rain.
David took me out to dinner after, giving the outback steak house another chance. UGH. It was dry. The steak whilst being an improvement on last time was still not good. SIGH. Their soups are great! but their mains are not cooked well at all.
Heading home, I had just enough time to house the snakes properly before heading off to work.

                           Rhonda's frog
5th March - ZZZZ quiet day quiet shift.

6th March - One day off. Tried to stay awake but ended up snuggling into bed.  3 parcels awaited me in the Magic box. YAY!! A Nikon EM that works , a nikon F60 and a case for an XA2. Of course I couldn't get the EM's light meter to work.. AARGHH. Am idiot on IG irritated me but the Arvo chatting to friends on Yak soothed my ruffled feathers. Bed at 1800hrs but I was awake at 2300hrs ugh Tomorrow will be a long day. Got a rude phone call from Vanbar, after making me wait for 5 months for an item NOW i have to pick it up immediately or it wil be sent to melbourne. Almost tempted to tell them to stick it.

                                  Finally in stock

7th March  - for a day shift I was actually Ok. :) The trip after work to Vanbar was a bug bare but I had to go. SO after work I caught the train to central then a bus to Pyrmont Bridge road.  It took around 40 minutes and if not for the bus driver I would have missed my stop. Inara was on the phone.  Walked down and gritted my teeth, attached a corporate smile and asked for my order. It was buried at the back.  $41 for the chemicals and $31 for the thermometer. YIKES.
Headed back down parramatta road as I had an hour before my direct train home.  Found a Joss Stick seller and I love his store.

                             Great shop!         Fountain

                           Fluro lamas         Central station

I left the city quite poor, buying a new Domo doll and a Domo handbag :-) Who can resist Domo. My F70 was loaded with Tungsten film and I used that all up, and had to change film rather quickly for some shots at central. The indian was in town.


8th March - awoke to an alarm and a message from Tim about flooding in Sydney.  Everywhere was flooded. Bardwell park station was flooded with the water coming to the platform edge. Nothing in the city was moving. As David was starting at a similar time, he drove me across Appin to Waterfall where we caught an interurban to Wolli creek. Then I headed for Sydenham. As I was now early despite 90% of the system not working, I managed to get some coffee from PLatform 7. WIN!! Thank you David !!!
                     Waterfall station        Coffee!!!

              CCTV of Bardwell Park

I lusted after a 6 X18 camera.. Far to pricey but then the maker made me an offer.. ARRGHHH I am so broke.. Sigh...
Off from Drinks with Colleagues. This never ends well....


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