Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Same old same old

And some catch up..

24th Feb  - Had a shift with a trainee that didn't take no for an answer. He was in my physical space and even after being told to back off, was stil so close he may as well be sitting on me.AARGHHH
Has a heap of cameras to go and shoot some ships in the AM with David and Druey.

25th Feb - As relief time drew closer I watched the Saga Ruby come closer and closer to the heads. I didn't think that I could catch her. aarghh when I need to have an early relief they are close to the wire. By the time I was relived, She had picked up her pilot. Grunt. I headed for Mrs Macquarie's chair instead of attempting a run for South Head.  I managed to get there just as the sun started to rise and yay!! The Saga Ruby rounded Bradley's head.


Garden Island

Saga Ruby

As she turned to be pushed back but her tugs I ran to the car and hightailed it to Watson's bay to catch the next ship and meet up with my husband and Drue.
I managed to catch the Amsterdam, the Bunga Kelana 10 the CSC Progress and a fishing vessel.  By this time the day had heated up and fatigue set in. We all headed to the Airport Krispy Kreme for a snack and I headed home whilst the boys went to shoot some planes.
I was so tired, I actually pulled for a sleep on the side of the road. UGH.
I managed to get to sleep at 1800hrs but D woke me up for dinner forgetting I was on AM shift.. oops.

26th Feb - Day work. Quiet as.. but still day work. My Eve Turned 3 today.

  Eve next to Adam

27th Feb. had to be in town for a meeting.. SO I headed in early. I popped into my film place in Redfern to be billed $99 to develop all my E-6. The guy was going to have it ready by 1500hrs but who knows how long $mployer meeting go I paid $7 to have it posted to me. As I wanted lunch prior to going onto work, I went to Townhall and after finding some food, I walked down Castlereagh st to use up some film. I had BW400CN in the Canon F-1 so used up that roll. As it was experimental I was curious as to the results.

BW400CN reversed then Shot

After work, I missed the 1329 connection so messaged D and we met for dinner at sizzler. Awesome. :-)
Finally home, via my mother's I had to re-wind the rescale gold in the XA as the sticky tape had broken and the film was on the takeup side :-( Rats. headed to bed just after midnight.

28th Feb - David was not well. He was up at 8am.. so this is bad...the mail run was generous to me, the XA1 arriving from the UK, thermometers and an F70 from QLD. No batteries means I couldn't test it. Damn

Olympus xa1

Nikon f70 Nikon f70

29th Feb - Around 0200 hrs I broke my XA1 :-( Grunt. Luckily Kevin talked me through putting it all back together again. :-) I was soooo relieved. Home time was lucky as it was stress free. :-) Getting up around 1300hrs.. I watched the rain fall.. Still raining.. ARGGH Finally hauling my arse out of bed, I headed for the PO and then had coffee with a friend who had popped by. :-) This social call had gifts attached!!! and he got the F70 working, as I had spent $20 on batteries for the damned thing.
I got a coffee machine!! SQUEE!!!! I was speechless. Yes unbelievable but speechless..

Gift from a good friend
How cool and thoughtful was this gift??

Just when you think life sucks.. your friends are there to prove its not. Its awesome. 

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