Last two days of holidays. I had stayed at Ben and Drue's place as both David and I were too tired to get home. (Thanks boys!!) David and I were awake early and headed back to Picton.
We dropped off the boxes for the traded in cameras at Camera house and left him with a wish list of other stuff we wanted.
A lunch at a new pub, lovely surroundings and .. well all packaging and no delivery. The pasta dish was small for the money David paid. His steak was overcooked and we were generally underwhelmed.  We need to give a second try... maybe it was and off day.

Home and we collapsed.. As the arvo went on, I felt sicker and sicker. By the evening I was too sick to be bothered with anything. I headed to bed only to not sleep. UGH

Sunday morning and David left to go to the Canberra Airport open day. I stayed in bed aside from a feverish trip to the chemist for flu tablets. Slept the whole day.

Apparently I missed a good show.



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