Friday, June 15, 2012

As I have locked myself out of my locker..

I seem to finally have time to type. Alas, my diary is locked in my locker.  As most of my friends know, many horrible things have happened in the past few months. For me personally June has picked up, but for one of my closest friends, today especially was a  bad day.  In amongst all this, people have reached out and send hugs. All the way from the states and Western Australia.  Its been tough, conflicts have risen mostly due to my irritability and sense of unfairness, stupidity is not only driving my nuts but manically angry. Short fuse?? Yes that's me. Work is not challenging.. but there have been challenges. Even the challenges that have occurred in the past month have been only mildly interesting. Apathy has set in as a change from depression.  SOME lovely things have happened.. Druey has started on his job. He is happier and less stressed. Something I was hoping to follow in his footsteps, but after some chasing by me, I FINALLY got a confirmation RE my promotion. They have strung us all along for months.. it even took two weeks after the interview to even get rumours to filter through. As always in my $mployer.. everyone else knew, even the unsuccessful candidates LONG before the successful ones.  A statement about lizards from a young US girl has me truly for the youth of today, I KNOW I bleat about Gen Y but this demonstrated the distinct lack of general knowledge and dependance on unverified on-line sources. Just because it is on-line doesn't make it gospel. Luckily, the girl that it was said to, has the noice to do her own research. She is a beacon of sanity. BY contrast an older member of her generation, took political advertising and pretty much decreed it law. Snort, you think I have not seen this all before?? Nothing in the political arena is new, especially our state government. All recycled ideas from the 1990s and all FAILED ideas. SIGH.. I have so many things to do.. one was get the house valued.. the valuer came today. A pleasant man, he popped in and snuck around so he wouldn't wake David up. AW. He was even early!!! I wish all tradesmen and installers were like him. He was unsure of the snakes but once he realised that they would stay behind their protecting glass... he was fine.  A huge thank you to David who spent a heap of time cleaning the floor of the kitchen, I was so relieved that the valuer could walk without stepping over loose toppling piles of stuff. The trouble with owning a home is that you dont have 6 mthly inspections to force your hand in pickup.  RIGHT!!! Survive tonight and tomorrow night and off to new and more interesting things.  xoxo - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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