I have only had one and a half days off in two weeks, so Things have gone off in the fridge. DAMN IT,

I simply can't catch  a breath. I was invited to a party, and kept a rare AM shift so I can go, then the date was changed so Now I couldn't. UGH. Well I popped around to say hi but couldn't stay so missed the cake AGAIN. SIgh. I was in bed just after 2100hrs.. BUT with a 0300hr wake up that is less than 8hrs.. made worse that I lay in bed awake until 0100hrs.. Hardly worth it. I was RS by the time I had to get up for work. How will I cope with 12weeks of 8am starts I have no idea.

Was ignored again which I don't mind, but the bleating about never being invited annoys me as it is untrue. Never mind. I would love to have them for dinner anyway. I am happy for any excuse to go to a nice restaurant.
In the meantime here is Boz the bus driver

and theNelson Twins. Not a show I watch but these two acts were amazing


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