Monday, June 18, 2012

Induction day

Are all induction days around the world boring?? To be fair, they were filling in time until the security passes sectio could get their act together.. And now I have access to RMC ooo of course not very handy ATM. More interesting is us being trained in the DRC. The whole building to ourselves and lockers!!! More lockers to myself than I ever had in the signal box in 7years. Any signal box actually. Locker space is so valuable that I had a ballot for my space in the meal room. The guy who won it was beside himself with joy. Yes, locker room is that valuable. Saw a few ppl I knew.. One was being supervised so I stayed away. Essentially today and tomorrow is still doing transfer paperwork. Then we dive into the more interesting stuff. I am a little horrified to find out that we have 6 days for the web site. Really ?? 6 days? Wouldn't addition days for some TC stuff be better?? I dunno. Least it's a challenge and if I survive the Just Culture tomorrow, I will probably find it all more interesting. Of the 8 ppl.. There are 5 AC 3 drivers and a guard. This surprised me. Guards on the whole don't deal in large areas on Control OR incident management. All in all a good group. I am relieved really. There are times you get a group that fractures into us and them but these ppl seem to be the type that will stick together. Again, time will tell. View from level 2 Perfect winter's day

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