Friday, June 22, 2012

A week in Review

Perfect Winter's Day
SO I have managed a week doing M-F work. I can say I hate it.
The hours suck, the days suck and your life stops. Well mine does.. I cant get the mail, I can't make phone calls when I want to.. I can liase with anyone esp banks..

Why do people love these hours so much?? You can't get anything done.

 The work is OK, I am a little overwhelmed by the personalities that have been thrown together.. but it should work out fine. I don't know that I will ever be comfortable with some of the more lack attitudes, but the people mean well and are quite lovely.
Central station

 I have been not buying food, two reasons.. mostly related to money. I also have not been buying coffee except for today where I had an hour at CBT to kill.

 The work suits me, it is challenging and a heap to remember in a short time.. **Warning warning** I have a bad memory..but the concepts are easy enough.. I just need practise and a heap of it. A little sick of smug managers giving talks and the protected SCC species crowing about their longevity.. but its to be expected in the first week. Payroll will be a nightmare.. I have to be paid 3 days overtime and this will have to be monitored.. grrrr but its worse for the poor train crew who have to switch weeks and learn a new time sheet. I remember distinctly all those years ago the one week pay then the one week pay.. sounds great but when you have your mortgage based on a certain fortnight.. changing is problematic.

 I have been taking Vitamin D tablets and YES the daily fog of doom has dissipated slightly.. I can be more cheerful and mean it. Less corporate smiling and more real smiling..

 The guy who appealed against 6 of us in the class of 8.. is a 4mths old driver. Seriously!!?? Dude.. learn to walk before you dive in. Trust me the Train crew in my class have heaps more experience and their knowledge is lacking in a heap of things. (Not a judgment but how would a 4mth experienced driver have a chance???)You can't even drive a train yet properly. I can recommend some great Driver trainers... they need to sort you out. (You obviously need it) ANYWAY my training rooms are sparse.. and cold. Everyone wears a jumper of some description daily.
Sunset on Solstice Night

This was a box??? Are you sure??

Australia Post ran over a parcel. At first when David sent me the photo, I thought it was a concertina file thingy..No. It was a box. The packets of food inside sent by the Lovely Randi Ray. Very upsetting LUCKILY her creations (from her etsy store) survived being run over. Seriously Australia Post. You have been in business for years.. the idea is to deliver stuff NOT destroy it. 
(how do I know its Australia post and not USPS??? Cause when Aust post receives a destroyed box from the other carrier they bag it and sticker it as being received out like that. This was not stickered.
Survived Australia Post. 
I have a heap of here clips and several beanies.. The slouchy beanies are the BEST!!! Its so soft and warm without being too overly hot. Brilliant!! Her convertible beanies are great for the colder nights and my pony tail.. :-) (and her little CD is excellent too only $8)

UGH Have homework but I need sleep and will do it tomorrow whilst D sleeps.

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