Office drone hours are so mundane.. I can't get to the post office, the bank or anything. I am treading water.. The course is ok.. some days are very boring but thats my issue not a course issue. I struggle to take times quickly enough on a busy north graph but am fine with work on track and emergencies. I struggle also with initial plan of attack. Its funny as, as an AC, I have no trouble thinking of ways around an issue. The issue is now I have to plan for 4 hours in the future and effects on connecting services. Being a train traveller in an area of an hourly service (at best), I have a heap of sympathy for the poor people who relay on stupid branch line timetables.

Harrassment of my husband has started again. You would think they would have gotten over it all after 19 years but apparently not.  I suppose with Gladys gunning for middle managememt all are running scared and wanna justify their own jobs.

Central Station
Central Station IR
South Coast IR

Helensburg Station IR


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