As I sit here

Nibbling at the family tree that, whilst I love research and love history, I have no emotional attachment to the names on the tree. Sad but true. I have been interested as a scientist is interested in a germ or new animal species.
What I have found generation after generation, with some exceptions (My grandfather being one) are missing fathers. War, work or just escaping men have left generations of women to hold their family together and feel the offspring. Sad really that it continues to this last generation.

I even found a lady dying in Childbirth. I ponder the possibilites she could have had, being 18 but born in the wrong time..
I have used the 14 days free to get a heap of stuff done. I did ask mother to add stuff she knew but she has only glanced at a bit of stuff. She only had until the 9th as I don't have $300 for an annual fee.
My dearest David HAS taken advantage of my offer and he has settled into transcribing the paper trees written by his grandfather.  What made me laugh was one of his relatives was the man who was given what is now known as Ropes Crossing (aka Creek). This was a 6 degrees of separation in a way for me as my friend Tim now lives on his land. Tim's family lives and has lived a stone's throw from my family in Western Australia and again within muscat distance in Switzerland/france border.

MEanwhile... I am sick again.. this time a chest thing that just sits there. I have been sick twice this year, and I don't like this new trend.

Work is tough, the learning curve is steeper than most other boards.. and Both Dave and I are struggling. I am worried Dave may give it up and go to west. I hope he doesn't.


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