Wasn't what it should be as during the night, Steve's father lost his battle with cancer. :-( The poor guy came in to work after what looked like a sleepless night.
We all encouraged him to return to his family.

the Train Control Class of 2012

Our day was mostly sorting paperwork, cleaning the DRC and going up to Level 1 for photos and locker issuing. My issued locker was missing a lock so Andree issued me with a new one, but the associated pigeon hole was still filled with stuff. Hmm

The Boss and our class

Andree said the guy had left so not to worry. I will file his stuff with Imad in case the guy comes back for it.

We went to the nice pub for a lovely meal but 90% of the pub was reserved. :-( MEGA annoying. David joined us in time to collect his lunch that I had arranged with the Bar staff to deliver 20 mins after ordering. Perfect.

you have to watch your garlic bread

Phil get blocked by Jodie's Drink
after a while the others headed to the crappy pub down the road to meet up with friends. David and I wandered in for a while but ended up leaving and headed to Newcastle for a Lamb rump rumoured to be awesome. It had better be as it was 3 hours away on a train in the pouring rain. The weather had turned miserable.
Chasing an S Set

It poured the whole way up and back. BUT yes, the food at the Great Northern Hotel was well worth the travel. Have a look at its great History at an excellent blog, Far Out Brussel Sprout

The Great Northern Hotel

Was extremely grateful to get home in the wee hours of the morning. Talk about an epic, long day :-(

The Great Northern Hotel


Cartoony K4


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